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Every company is unique. Identifying and using the right data is the key to unlocking your program’s performance. That’s why we created DecisionSource®.

Uncover your travel program’s performance and transform your data into actionable insights with our industry-leading business intelligence platform DecisionSource®. This unique reporting platform visualizes your data to give you:

  • An overview of program or category spend over time and across key metrics
  • Spend analyses that address key aspects of your travel program
  • Program benchmarking to highlight areas for improvement
  • Map your travelers’ current and upcoming locations against risk events happening globally

Plus, your data is available just 30 minutes after booking.

With DecisionSource, you’ll keep up with your program’s performance with quick, at-a-glance dashboards designed to highlight your performance, so you can get back to the business at hand. We’ll monitor your program, and let you know when we see areas for improvement. Time to negotiate with your top suppliers? We’ve got your back. Get the insights you need to make fast, confident decisions.

Finally, we take data quality seriously. We start by consolidating data from multiple sources to give you a holistic view of your program. Then we normalize and enrich your data to fill in any gaps.  This 24×7 data quality monitoring ensures we can fast track any corrections. Only clean data makes its way to you. That’s quality you can count on.


The number of emerging technology providers in the corporate travel industry is growing every day. Many of these companies offer unique and valuable solutions. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one centralized place where you could easily discover these technologies. By building a marketplace, not only are we able to give you visibility into the third-party solutions you can utilize in your travel program, but we’re also making it easier to integrate with these technology providers providing solutions in the following categories: flight disruption, risk management, price assurance, visa and passports, guest travel, sustainability, VAT reclaim, meeting and events and program management.

More than just technology

Our platforms for business travel management are more than just technology. They let you take your travel program further.

Keep travelers informed, organized and in program.

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Drive confident, intelligent business decisions.

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Extend your travel program with innovative solutions.

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