Duty of Care


Traveler care is top of mind because of the health care crisis. But other business travel risks haven’t disappeared. Business travel risks are on the rise, and so are travelers’ expectations for how companies should help them stay safe and deal with disruptions. Strong partnerships between businesses and their travel management companies pave the way for mitigating risks, complying with duty of care, and increasing traveler satisfaction.

During this pandemic, companies must reimagine their programs with protocols and solutions in place to increase travelers’ confidence and, above all, protect their health. Our Back To Travel guide is designed to give you the answers you need to lead your company back to business safely, efficiently, and smartly.

Use data intelligence to map your travelers’ current and upcoming locations against risk events happening globally. Automated technology solutions proactively check in with travelers when crisis events occur, while notifying you at the same time. With access to traveler and risk data in real-time, on any device, you can make smart decisions to keep your travelers safe.

We believe that pandemic presents a unique opportunity for organizations to assess and recast their travel management program, systems, and processes, and emerge from this health care crisis stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Communicate & Act

When anything from a minor trip disruption to a major crisis impacts your travelers, you’ll have the tools you need to put your plan into action and communicate.

• Real time mobile alerts to you and your travelers keep you both informed and aligned.

• Automated “I’m Safe” check in functionality for high risk incidents. Responses sync back to your interactive security map in DecisionSource.

• Reach out directly to travelers via email or SMS with contact data pulled straight from their itinerary.