It’s key to give your traveling employees exactly what they want to keep them happy. We’re here to help you with all that. Take TripSource®, our ultimate travel companion, that makes booking and traveling a lot easier and more effective. With TripSource’s extensive features you’ll keep your travelers more productive and let them make the best decisions while on the road.

Just because you’re staying at the office, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your travelers safe and fulfill your duty of care. Our business intelligence platform DecisionSource® lets you track and trace your travelers and take swift actions in case of emergencies. Run pre-trip reports that help you to take action even before their trip starts, and much more.

The travel manager has much to gain from an improved relationship with HR. Working together as partners can result in:

  • Engaged travelers who trust the travel program to support their needs and keep them safe
  • Increased efficiencies in communication and information sharing
  • A travel program that works for employees and supports business goals to retain and attract talent